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Professional Solutions for dimmable LED-Light

LEDIM is the answer to your problems designing modern LED luminaires. If you want efficient, high quality, dimmable lighting from LEDs – and retrofit bulbs feel unsatisfying – you will find LEDIM as your fitting solution. Uncompromising quality is our demand in all areas. Our products are developed and produced in Germany.

Innovative, intuitive, save

LEDIM offers solutions at the highest technical level, that make designing easier for you. LEDIM-equipped luminaires are user-friendly, easy to handle and fun to use. They offer the highest light quality and operational reliability.


LEDIM does’t leave you alone when designing the entire system. We always offer a complete solution of LED engine, optics, dimmer and power supply. On request, we can advise you individually and comprehensively.


Uncompromising quality is our aim in all areas. The best CRI, which also remains when dimming with dim-to-warm. Thus, LED light makes fun. Our dimmers are developed and produced in Germany.

Special solutions

LEDIM develops solutions specially tailored to your needs, either by adapting our standard components, or, on request, completely individually. And we are your local contact – as an agile start-up we are of course based in Berlin – and can also implement complex requests quickly and at a reasonable price.

"The way you design your luminaires will never be the same."

LEDIM Products

Different tasks need different solutions. LEDIM has matching products that will take your lighting design to the next level. Are you missing a feature or product? Just talk to us.

LEDIM/D1 and /D2

Super-compact CC drivers with freely programmable current up to 1500 mA. Super-efficient with fully analog dimming down to zero and flicker-free. Can be used stand-alone or as part of the LEDIM/ModularSystem.

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LEDIM/DM1 and /DM2

Ultra-compact CC drivers as solderable modules with freely programmable current up to 2000 mA. Super-efficient with fully analog dimming down to zero and flicker-free. Can be used stand-alone or as part of the LEDIM/ModularSystem. Ideal for integration and migration!

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Our ‘Bridges’ are your gateway into the ModularSystem. Select the bridge with the appropriate dimming control and connect the Dx drivers required for your design. In this way you can equip the entire portfolio from a single table luminaire to a room-filling illuminated ceiling with one technology.

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LED engines with 4-wire tuneable white or 2-wire Dim2warm technology and highest light quality. For a light experience as we know and love it from incandescent lamps: Dimmed light becomes warmer as brightness decreases. From cold white to candle-like – and with the best efficiency and quality of light.

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LEDIM/D1C is the evolution of our proven LEDIM/D1 into the world of CASAMBI® wireless. D1C is your wireless driver of choice when it comes to highest efficiency, compact dimensions and maximum flexibility.

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Dimming by touch is intuitive and fun – but what if you don’t want or can’t touch directly on the luminaire? The pendant luminaire swings uncomfortably when you touch? The ceiling light hangs too high anyway? The solution is remote touch with LEPUK: Dimming as on the luminaire, but at a distance.

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"We here and as well our customers are very enthusiastic about the lighting effect."

Ingo Maurer Team


Dim -to-warm

Dimmed light is getting warmer with decreasing brightness, as we love it from incandescent bulbs. With a remaining high CRI.

Touch Dim

Touching is nice — especially, if it makes a difference. LEDIMs touch interface is intuitive: Long contact dims, short contact switches. Tripple touch locks/unlocks.

High CRI

The “Color Rendering Index” is a value, that describes the quality of light. Higher than 80 is good, over 90 very good. LEDIM products have CRIs over 90.

High Efficiency

Waste of energy was yesterday, today is LEDIM. Our products have a high effectiveness. Energy label A+ and A++.


SmartHome, DALI, 1-10 V & Co.

LEDIM supports various dimming controls including sophisticated wireless solutions. What’s missing is comming soon. Just say to us.

Solution instead of Component

We do not leave you out in the cold: LEDIM offers complete solutions – electronics, LED- engine, optics and power supply. All from one hand.


A word about the money: LEDIMs products appear not as the cheapest in times of stinginess-is-cool. But what finally counts, is the figure below the line. Keyword “TCO“.

High Voltage

You have no dimmer with direct mains supply? No, as for many usecases a separated supply is more meaningful. And mankind already invented these. (But we work on it, thus coming soon!)


Tested and Approved

LEDIM products do not contain lead, nor mercury nor other hazardous substances. They are RoHS compliant and of course have CE as well.

Who We Are

LEDIM is a start-up, located in the beautiful south of Berlin. Here, experienced partners from development as well as from the lighting, LED and retail industry come together to realize demanding products. Our aim is not only to provide a component, but to offer complete solutions as well.

We let others do what others can do better – and thus remain agile, focused and efficient as part of a network. We partner with major players in the industry, so that – without being cliché – the network is more than the sum of its parts.



Our partners include Lumitronix, one of the leading specialists in LEDs and LED products, as well as Arditi a well known big player in the lighting business.

"Make better light" - with LEDIM.

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