LEDIM/D1 and /D2 – Ultra compact programmable CC drivers with various dimming controls

D1 and D2 are your drivers when highest efficiency, compact dimensions and maximum flexibility are required. You can use D1 or D2 as a minimalist stand-alone solution with potentiometer, touch or pushbutton dimming, or as part of the LEDIM/ModularSystem* in combination with other Dx and dimming controllers.

Our ‘Bridges’ are your gateway to new worlds of dimming: Choose the bridge with the appropriate dimming control and connect any number* of Dx drivers. This way you can equip the entire portfolio – from a single table lamp to a room-filling luminous ceiling – with one technology without any system break.

D1 and D2 are designed as space-saving open-frame modules. In the D1T resp. D2T version, LEDIM’s TouchDim technology ensures reliable, long-term stable and interference-free dimming by touch.

LEDIM is developed and produced in Germany: Highest quality and local contact.



  • Intelligent single channel constant current LED drivers with full analog dimming
  • 100% flicker-free
  • Dim2zero – dim down to zero brightness
  • Freely programmable output current up to 1500 mA (preprogrammed available with 350/500/700/1000/1500 mA or on request)
  • Supply voltage up to 24 VDC (D1) resp. 48 VDC (D2)
  • Can supply several series-connected LEDs/COBs/Engines (depending on the corresponding forward voltages)
  • Tool-free cabling concept for ultra-compact applications**


Additional features of the Touch/Pushbutton Variant:

  • TouchDim: per 1-finger contact via housing or cable connection
  • TrippleTouch for locking and unlocking the luminaire (e.g. for moving)
  • Alternatively also a push button can be used
  • Auto-Power-Off after 8 hours (can be switched off) 



  • Dimming via touch/push button
  • Dimming via potentiometer
  • Dimming via PWM
  • Dimming via LDX* 


Technical Data D1:

  • Max. Supply voltage: 24 V DC 
  • Max. Output current/power: 1000 mA / 20 W 
  • Dimensions Open-Frame (L x W x H): 50 mm x 16 mm x 6 mm


Technical Data D2:

  • Max. Supply voltage: 48 V DC 
  • Max. Output current/power: 1500 mA / 50 W 
  • Dimensions Open-Frame (L x W x H): 70 mm x 20 mm x 8 mm


* The LEDIM/ModularSystem

Conventional dimmers tie the dimming control – such as 0-10V, DALI, touch or wireless technologies – tightly to the driver(s) that supply the LEDs. With the ModularSystem, LEDIM breaks this rigid concept and frees you from scaling problems when designing luminaire families. Our LED drivers Dx supply the LEDs, our bridges provide the advanced control bus LDX for one or more drivers. 

This gives you complete freedom when designing luminaire families: If more lamps are needed for larger family members, you simply add more drivers. Their super-compact size and outstanding efficiency make them a no-brainer. If variants with different dimming controls are required: No problem, simply replace the corresponding bridge.


**The connection concept of the ModularSystem

The LEDIM/ModularSystem uses AVX STRIPT™ terminals, which guarantee maximum contact reliability and flexibility as well as optimum use of installation space. LEDIM recommends cabling with 18-26 AWG switch wire depending on the maximum current and the required cable length.

D1 and D2 open-frame
D1 Stand-Alone
D1 or D2 stand-alone
D1 Modular
D1 or D2 in the ModularSystem
Mating Accessories:

  • LEDIM/Cx LED Engines
  • LEDIM/B1 Bridges
  • Meanwell LPV-60-48, Power adapter 48 V, 60 W, PFC



LEDIM/C11 (Symbolabbildung)
Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. Technical data are subject to change.

Coverphoto by Zaji Kanamajina on Unsplash